About Vonlane 

At Vonlane we know you want to be a VIP traveler. In order to do that, you need exceptional customer service. The problem is poor service in the travel industry, which makes you feel frustrated, unimportant, and disrespected. We believe you deserve better.

We understand how frustrating and dehumanizing travel can be, which is why we are proud that, across 21 million miles driven, over 98% of our passengers would say they had a seamless travel experience.

Here's how we do it: 1. Book your trip. 2. Ride like the VIP you are. 3. Arrive at your destination relaxed, fresh, and ready to go.

So, book your VIP experience. And in the meantime, download our guide to regional travel so you can stop experiencing disappointing travel and instead get there how you deserve.


Preposition 1. from; of (used in German and Austrian personal names, originally to indicate place of origin and later to indicate nobility):


Noun 1. a longitudinally marked part of a highway wide enough to accommodate one vehicle, often set off from adjacent lanes by painted lines


Noun 1. A new way to travel. 2. The reinvention of bus travel into a first-class, premium cabin service that eliminates the stress and hassle associated with short-haul flights and highways.

"To Provide an Exceptional Travel Experience"


An unceasing focus on the welfare of our passengers, team, and fellow travelers.


Love, loyalty, and enthusiasm for each other, our passengers, our service, and our purpose.


Adherence to sound moral and ethical principles; an unimpaired vision of who we are.


The prudence required to ensure reliable service; the vision to prepare for the future.


Providing a unique service while executing all we do in an unusually good, outstanding manner.

Vonlane Pass

Ideal for: Frequent travelers
Benefits: Cost savings, usable by multiple passengers, complementary *alcoholic beverages. (*Texas travelers with a valid government ID can indulge in complementary libations.)
Minimum purchase: $1,000 of Vonlane credits for a $900 payment (10% savings).
Maximum purchase: $5,000 of Vonlane credits for a $4,000 payment (20% savings).
Flexibility: Multiple purchase and discount levels.
Interchangeability: Can be used on any route, any departure time, by any traveler.

One point for each mile you travel with Vonlane

Every 2000 points converts to a $20 travel credit

Use credits at your discretion on business or personal trips

Automatic enrollment upon booking